Plants, Seeds & Cycles INTERNSHIP Program: OPEN NOW!

Are you a seed steward and cultural change-maker looking for deeper training ground? Are you cultivating a career as a seed farmer, seedsman or seedswoman? Our internship program calls you! Together we delve deeply into a new agriCultural paradigm, attuning our selves to the natural cycles and rhythms of seeds. This experiential, comprehensive internship program covers all aspects of seed growing— beginning to advanced seed saving skills, regenerative agricultural and permaculture techniques, crossing, small-scale evolutionary plant breeding, co-production agriculture & much more. Working together, we are reinvigorating the seed house as a multicultural community hub! We work in the seed house, nursery and on local organic farms throughout the year.

Please contact us to learn more and apply! Scholarships available.

Volunteer Program

Our Volunteer Program runs year round! From March to October, we are in full-swing with activities in the Seed House and Nursery as well as outside on our farms. From October to March, we are cleaning and distributing seed in the Seed House. Learn more and apply to volunteer here.

“Sacred Gene Pools”

“Sacred Gene Pools”

Adopt-a-Variety Bean Starts

Adopt-a-Variety Bean Starts

Throughout the spring and early summer, we offer organic, native, open-pollinated plant starts to backyard gardeners and farmers! Grow the starts in your garden for the season and return some of your seeds to MASA. Don’t know how to save seeds? Don’t sweat it. We are here to make seed saving fun and easy— while building community and strengthening our local food systems. Learn more here.

Seed grower’s Co-op

Grow Seeds and Join our Grower’s Cooperative!

Whether in your patio container, backyard garden or on your farm, you can grow seeds and join our Growers Co-Op.

*Be part of a thriving network of community seed-savers.

*Grow and adapt nutritionally diverse seed stocks for local food production and distribution.

*Receive discounts on MASA Seed and Programs

Read more about the Seed Grower’s Co-op here.

Over 80 varieties of open-pollinated lettuce

Over 80 varieties of open-pollinated lettuce


Next Open House & Celebration in September (Date TBD)

From 3-5pm, everyone is welcome to bring seeds, purchase seeds, ask seed-saving questions and get to know MASA. After 5pm, join us for a celebratory community gathering! Potluck dinner at 6pm. If you’d like, bring a musical instrument, yummy food or beverage, your favorite seeds, or firewood. Or just come as you are and feel welcome :) We are kid-friendly! But please leave your dogs at home.

Let us know you’re coming if you can!