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Our Mission

We promote social unity and local food sovereignty through an educationally driven community foundation supporting multi-demographic projects in horticulture, organic seeds and produce, garden design, and the development of a bio-regional seed bank.

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In less than 100 years we've gone from maintaining heirloom seeds traditionally around the globe, to an industrially controlled food system of which now GMO seeds are the driving force. Around Five decades ago, a movement began in an attempt to recover “seed sovereignty” and re-establish “public domain” plant breeding. We are in a unique position to honor the efforts of our ancestors, while securing viable agricultural options for the future of our children.



  • Progression & Innovation

  • Diversity & Inclusion ~ Both Plants & People

  • Evolution & Transformation of our Modern Food Systems

  • Seed, Food, Plant, and Personal Sovereignty

  • Bridging Regional Demographics

  • Cultivating Community




Bio-regional food systems need multi-demographic involvement

MASA Seed Foundation facilitates “co production” agriculture and community-driven permaculture projects. We aim to provide fresh alternatives to production & distribution bottlenecks prevalent in contemporary farming and land care services. Our vision entails the development of following:

  • A solution driven educational model linking it’s curriculum to MASA’s unique mission

  • An organic seeds and produce co-op linking growers and plant propagators from all demographics of the Colorado “Bio-Region”

  • The building of an Ethnobotanical nursery/botanical garden showing plant kinship between our food plants and the natural flora of the front range. Utilizing innovative garden designs to demonstrate plant diversity and facilitate a better understanding of today’s agricultural and horticultural systems.  


Plans and Programs


We plan to create and occupy a central plant and seed cultural center as a base of operations for the services we provide.

1.) The Masa Foundation Seed Bank: for long term storage of important seed genetics

2.) The Coregional Seed Project : A grower’s coop for production and distribution of organic seeds and produce

3.) The Living Seed Library: for donations, lending and educational outreach programs

4.) The Roots Classroom: for teaching classes and running continuing education programs

5.) The Ethno-Botanical Nursery Base/ Equipment Yard for plant propagation and sustainable land development equipment and supplies

6.) Masa Farm: for Research & Development, seed breeding and production, experimentation and demonstration of current farm and garden layouts

7.) Sustainable Land Development: provides multiple landscaping services permaculture, agriculture, and horticulture consultations, garden and construction design.




Flowering Plants and seeds began their evolution at least 30 million years before human intervention. Through a remarkable evolutionary process, their proliferation gave rise to nine geographic global origins. From these primary “centers of plant diversity,” emerged all the foods we now eat! Ancient Aboriginals inherited this diversity, which began the thousands of years process of plants and seeds being selected, grown and revered  by our indigenous and then colonial ancestors.



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