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Its nice when life is simple, but its the juice and detail of our unique situation that inspires us to do this work each day

The CoRegional Seed Project

*Be part of our bioregions only organic seed growers cooperative.

*Growing and adapting nutritionally diverse seed stocks for local food production and distribution.

*Appreciating cultural diversity through bridging regional demographics.

*Securing a long term seed to seed food system.

At its core Masa Seed Foundation supports a thriving, multi demographic, organic seeds and produce growers co-op, operating as the

CoRegional Seed Project

Building a sovereign local food system starts with sustaining a local “seed” system. One resulting from the practice of “open pollinated” public domain seed breeding linked to regional production and distribution for all scales of agriculture.

Currently, Modern F1 hybrids and GM seeds dominate agricultural production. We’ve reached a conjunction where large scale production agriculture outweighs the traditional horticultural arts by immeasurable proportions. Essentially, large scale, Mono culture depends on industrially bred cultivars for their high yields of uniform, durable and disease resistance crops. These new cultivars “fit the regime” in terms of providing short term “food security.”A term not to be mistaken with “food sovereignty”and the long term values of open pollinated seed breeding (the roots of all crop improvement for millenniums)

Remarkably, open pollinated seeds begin adapting to environmental conditions in one “seed to seed” generation. And subsequently increase their adaptation through years of cultivation, natural selection and evolutionary breeding methods. This remains the process used to create regionally adapted seeds and produce varieties.

Sovereign regional food systems are historically driven from naturally bred, adapted seed, plant and animal species produced by the local agricultural community. Additionally, it’s an age old, genuine agrarian practice, and common knowledge that “co production” agriculture fosters community while stimulating creativity and social unity! As opposed to the secrecy and isolation inherent in most competitive market farming systems.

Currently our seed bank holds nearly 2,000 open pollinated seed accessions stemming from 30 years in mountain west agriculture. It’s  contribution to The MASA Seed Foundation represents decades of work and close collaboration between Abbondanza Organic Seeds and Produce, Seeds of Change, Peace Seeds, Source Point Seeds, Synergy Seeds and a  select growers network from the Organic Seed Alliance, the Seed Savers Exchange and the Rocky Mountain seed Alliance. The running list of interesting cultivars will be posted soon!

Through your financial, volunteer and most importantly member participation we can secure its viability, diversify the seed  inventory and build a thriving membership putting the CoRegional Seed Co-op on the map for generations to come! This isn’t Rocket science. it’s community driven organic agriculture!!


Mutual Admiration Seed Association

1)Residential Seed Coop: backyard breeders association, small farm seed research and development in the public domain.

*How to join and enjoy: $ investment, benefits, participation, commitment, celebration.

*Investment: sliding scale $25,- $100 yearly membership fee

*Benefits: access and discounts to Masa’s seed inventory, educational courses and special events.

*Participación: growing seeds, contributing volunteer services, advocating for seed sovereignty.

*Commitment: consistency, kindness, humility and focus. Complete a “seed to seed” cycle of at least one species annually.

Function as a respectable seed steward and a radical evolutionary simultaneously.

*Celebration: to recognize the significance of seasonal cycles and ancestral cultural integrity. To be celebratory of our collective intelligence, and come to a Masa gathering or two.

2)Commercial seed production program: thanks and praise to our local farmers. Organic seed agriculture in action!

Objective: to develop a regional growers network for:

* Growing new species/varieties to build inventory of seed stocks for larger scale food grow outs and commercial seed sales.

* Solidifying a future of co production agriculture rooted in locally adapted seed production. .  .

Growing arrangement:

*make contractual agreements.

*provide seeds plants and front $,

* monitor growing cycles.

* provide harvest and handling service.

* do germination and seed borne virus testing.

* complete contract commitments.

* pack and distribute seeds via internet and local seed rack locations.

We encourage you to give these concepts real consideration. We can make significant changes in our local food system with community driven projects. We’re here to provide seeds, inspiration, support and stability to this crucial endeavor.


Richard Pecoraro

Founder, President

Masa Seed Foundation